Shipley College Awarded WorldHost Status

Shipley College has officially been awarded 'WorldHost recognised Business’ status. Over 70 members of staff took part in the Principles of Customer Service Training last month which reinforces the excellent customer service the College offers and reflects what Shipley College is all about -  'Great People, Great Place'.

'Everyone enjoyed taking part in the training, and it was a great opportunity to collaborate with members of staff across the various departments.'

Linda, Head of Business Development

The College prides itself on the service it offers to all students, parents & employers and our staff are delighted to be recognised for continuously providing excellent customer service.

‘The course was well-delivered, professional and enjoyable. I would recommend it to anybody who works in a customer-facing role or would like to. It is great to be recognised for something we pride ourselves on doing every day’

Richard, Marketing Executive

WorldHost training has been used to train over one million people worldwide, including the staff and volunteers at the London 2012 Olympics.The College delivers this training in organisations within the Bradford area. It is a popular staff development course for many businesses. For more information, please click here

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