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Have you ever thought of joining one of our ‘do something for yourself’ lifestyle & leisure courses? Not quite sure which one, or whether it will be the right fit for you? 

Or perhaps you simply want a new excuse to spend time in our historic buildings in wonderful Saltaire..? 

Well, our Saltaire Saturdays could be just the thing for you!

Come and spend a Saturday morning having a go at floral planting, lino printing, life drawing, or whatever else we have on offer. We run an Autumn, Spring, and Summer Saltaire Saturday, with different taster sessions available at each, depending on the time of year. 

You could find a new hobby that you love, you could make new friends, or even uncover a skill that could set you off on a new adventure!

We charge a small fee for these tasters to cover costs, then provide free refreshments and other giveaways on the day alongside your taster.  At the end of your session, you can sign up for a longer course, be kept informed about future Saltaire Saturdays, or simply take your morning’s creation off home - or to one of Saltaire’s cafes or bars to discuss your Saturday experience!


If the sound of Saltaire Saturdays appeals to you, speak to our friendly Enrolments team: 

01274 327327

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Summer Saltaire Saturday - 8th June 2024

To join a course, please enrol and pay either via the link or by contacting Enrolments.

For all courses, arrive for 9.30am at the Exhibition Hall (side entrance, Exhibition Building) for refreshments and welcome, before a 10am start.


* dates for 24-25 Saltaire Saturdays will be added here 

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Life Drawing    10am-1pm
Lino Printing    10am-1pm
Screen Printing    10am-1pm 
Luxury Hand Tied Bouquet    10am-12noon
Cake Decoration - Giraffe    10am-1pm
Beginner French    10am-12noon
Beginner Spanish    10am-12noon



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For Saltaire Saturdays, or indeed any of our other short courses, why not consider getting a friend or loved one a Shipley College Gift Card?


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