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Coming to the end of school is a huge event in everyone’s life. Some people are totally sure of what they want to do next, and some haven’t got a clue!

Either way, we can help.

At Shipley College, we have courses that can lead you straight into a career, or on to University. We have courses for people who are great with technology, for those who want to work with children, those who like working outside, or are super creative - and many more!

If you study with us straight from school you will be doing a full-time course (usually four days a week) in your chosen subject area. Within these full-time course options, as well as offering BTEC qualifications, we also offer T Level courses and apprenticeships - these are explained in the following sections so have a look and see if they sound like they are what you are looking for!

In all courses you will be given the chance to apply what you learn to practical, work-related situations, and you will gain hands-on experience with the help and guidance of our friendly, industry trained tutors.

If you really don’t know what you might want to do, come to an Open Event for advice and guidance, or get in touch with our Student Services team by completing the form at the bottom of this page.





T Levels are a brand new 2-year high quality, technical qualification, developed
in collaboration with employers and businesses. They are designed to help you progress
into highly skilled employment, a higher apprenticeship or university.

More about T LEVELS


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