Shipley College Great People Melissa

We have some amazing staff members at Shipley, Melissa started as a Learning Support Assistant in 2017 and is now a trainee Maths teacher! We asked Melissa about her role at the college and why she thinks it's a great place to work:

'Since November 2021 I have been working as a Trainee Maths teacher but I started working at Shipley as a LSA with personal care duties in 2017. I was one of two personal carers in the college and I was mainly supporting students with learning and physical disabilities. I then took on more LSA duties still supporting students with special needs in the classroom and then started the trainee teacher position.

I have a Psychology degree and a Masters in International Health Management and I have always been a people person and wanted to inspire people in some way. I wanted to work with students with additional needs because I found out I had dyslexia when I was in uni, and I now have a son with autism. From personal and professional experience, I understand the importance of supporting young people with additional needs. 

My day to day duties are to teach students Functional skills and GCSE Maths, liaising with colleagues within the college to provide the best support for students. I enjoy teaching students a subject that is essential to life and is used everyday. 

Throughout working in Shipley College as a Personal Carer, LSA and now trainee teacher, I have worked under mostly James Thomas as my team leader and Liz Barker as Head of the Essential Skills department who are particularly supportive bosses. Working with the Essential Skills team in the Jonathan Silver Building and Maths team has had a positive impact on me because of the warm atmosphere to work in and colleagues I have worked with are friendly and also have been very supportive'.

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