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We have some amazing staff members at Shipley, Tim is one of our Computing & IT lecturers and works with our Digital Marketing apprentices. We asked Tim about his role at the college and how he is bringing his industry knowledge into his teaching:

'At Shipley College, I've been fortunate enough to join the team as a part-time lecturer for the Digital Marketing Apprenticeship. Since starting this role, I've had an opportunity to, teach, prepare lessons, and learn about my students' workplace environments.

What I genuinely enjoy about my job is helping students connect their classroom learning with real-life work situations. It's rewarding to share my knowledge with those new to marketing and find ways to make it relatable to them. I strive to ensure that they learn practical skills and stay updated on the latest industry trends.

Before becoming a lecturer, I had the opportunity to work with Shipley College on the innovative T Levels programme. At the time, I was working at a local technology company based in Saltaire before then becoming a freelance marketer with clients in Europe and the USA. It feels great to contribute to a valuable community organisation alongside my freelance work. Helping the next generation of employees learn about marketing and the role of technology in a continually evolving economic environment.

I received my teaching qualification back in 2000, but I didn't jump right into education. I found that teaching skills were a great bonus and could be applied in various industries within the education ecosystem. Since joining Shipley College, I've been grateful for the chance to continue running my business while teaching. This balance allows me to stay involved in the industry and share my experiences with my students.

I enjoy working at Shipley College, nestled in the picturesque Saltaire, it offers a unique and intimate learning environment. Unlike larger institutions, where it's easy to become just another face in the crowd, Shipley College values individuality and fosters personal connections. I am thrilled to be a part of this vibrant community where boundless potential awaits'.

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