Shipley College Creative Media BCB Radio studio group photo
One of the things we’re most proud of is our commitment to getting students work ready. Throughout the year our students go out on work placements with local employers so they can gain an insight into the working world and help prepare them for their futures! We’re excited to be showcasing this in our series #GettingWorkReady.
Our Creative Media Production students headed down to BCB Radio this week to host their own radio show! The students had to write their own scripts, choose the topics they wanted to discuss and pick the music they would play during the show in the state of the art radio studio!

Dipak, youth music development worker at BCB

‘We already had a relationship with the college from having students here on placement so when Karen got in touch we thought it would be a great opportunity for the students to have an insight into a real life working studio. We did a workshop where we broke down the program into a radio clock and talked about the structure of a show with an intro, music, jingles etc. Once it's edited the students show will be about 15 minutes long and will be broadcast on the BCB Extra slot. Having the students in the studio was a great way to start my day, we really enjoyed having them here and they produced a great show!’

Shipley College Creative Media BCB Radio
All of our students had a great time and enjoyed the experience. We asked Lily what she thought of the visit ‘I have really enjoyed it, sitting in the chair and recording the show was amazing. We all sat down as a group and decided what songs we wanted to play and the things we wanted to discuss. We decided to talk about things that are important to teenagers like music, films, games, and animals. I had never thought about going into radio but after this morning it is definitely a career I'd be interested in!’
Thanks to Dipak, Rowan and the rest of the team at BCB for giving our students such a great experience!

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