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The Childcare industry is a vital part of our society and is always needing new talent. 

These courses are perfect for those with a nurturing personality looking to care for babies and children. If you have creative ideas, are great at roleplay and are interested in childhood development and teaching, then Early Years & Childcare is for you.

Roles in the sector are varied and can range from paediatric nursing to child psychology and family support work. Learn to care for babies and young children, understand their development and gain the qualifications and knowledge you need for a career in this sector.


"Before choosing to study here, I visited the College and talked to staff who were very helpful. My favourite part of the course has been completing my placement in a nursery and primary school, which have helped me decide which age group I would like to work with. I would like to progress to university to study primary teaching."

Shipley College Part Time Adult Working With Children Young People Childcare 17


  • Nursery Nurse
  • Primary Teacher
  • Childminder
  • Paediatric Nurse
  • Community Worker
  • Play Therapist
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Child Psychologist
  • Family Support Worker



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