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The first thing that anyone notices about Shipley College, based entirely within the UNESCO World Heritage site of Saltaire, is that we are a little different.

Saltaire itself was the brainchild of Sir Titus Salt who, unusually for the 1800s, built his mill workers a picturesque, Italianate village to live, play, and work in. It was always a hugely important part of Salt’s vision that education should be part of Saltaire, so alongside the homes, the hospital, and the entertainment complex, were buildings made for education. Salt School opened on Victoria Road in 1868, with Victoria Hall following in 1871 and finally the Exhibition Building in 1887.

We became Shipley College in 1969 and these remain some of the main teaching buildings to this day, as we have continued to adapt and expand our offer, catering to the changing needs of the people and businesses of Bradford and the region. We are currently a very active part of the West Yorkshire LSIP (Local Skills Improvement Plan) as we work with employers, councils, and other educators to identify and supply the skills our region needs in 2024.

Over the years, we have provided a huge range of courses so that people can enter a career, develop in that career, or explore their hobbies and passions. Studying with us means you’re part of our expansive history, part of a legacy of incredible stories and successes, and we can’t wait to see what you go on to achieve.



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I have been involved with Shipley College for many years - this is my local college, and my local community, and I understand what is special about it. I couldn't be more proud of the work that the staff do to make sure that people where I live get the best opportunities and best education.

Our aim, always, is to provide valuable education and training for young people and for adults, that can transform lives, provide a clear line of sight to employment, strengthen communities and support economic growth. 
We work hard to meet the skills requirements of the district - meaning we work closely with employers and local government to understand those needs and those sectors, and how our students can repeatedly be the next employees for those businesses. 

The College is here for everybody, and we are proud of our inclusive and accepting culture, encouraging people of all backgrounds to take advantage of our unique facilities and knowledgeable tutors. We work hard to shine a spotlight on equality and diversity too, by marking awareness days, celebrating different religions and encouraging open discussion.

Joining Shipley College makes you part of our history, and part of our community. Some might say, part of our family!

- Diana Bird, Principal & CEO 





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