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We have some amazing staff members at Shipley, Deeanne started at the college as a Business lecturer in 1994! We asked Dee about her role at the college and why she thinks it's a great place to work:

'I am a lecturer and course coordinator for Business and I have worked at the college for 29 years!

My role as course coordinator involves being lead IV - making sure work is double checked, and making sure assignments are planned and units delivered in sequence. I also teach, plan lessons, and make sure the students are all ok. Being a teacher is an all around job, there are so many different elements to it.

I accidentally got into teaching. I am the 1st in my family to go to university and I felt a lot of imposter syndrome. I was brought up on a council estate and didn't do well in school, I was expelled and left with no qualifications. I ended up going to college and this is where my love of learning came about. I was studying business, a subject I was interested in, and I really liked the college environment. I am really grateful that the staff took a chance on me and let me on the course even with my bad record and no grades! I really turned it around in college, I progressed from entry level all the way to HND and after that going to uni was the natural progression. I completed my degree in Management and was working as a volunteer reader at the uni for dyslexic students. I really enjoyed it and someone suggested I look into teaching. I hadn’t previously considered it but thought I'd give it a go. I had an interview at the University of Huddersfield for the teacher training PGCE. During my interview I was asked if a room full of boisterous students would scare me and I said yes because I used to be one! 

After I completed my PGCE I came straight to Shipley College in October 1994 and have been here ever since! I never planned to stay this long but the fact I have shows the kind of place it is. Throughout my time here I’ve seen so many changes, particularly technology wise. When I first started we still had chalkboards! Whilst things have changed massively there is still a sense of belonging.

I really enjoy teaching and I particularly enjoy being with the students. I like being in the classroom, no two sessions are the same and there is such a variety of students. I think it comes down to earning their trust and respect, it's not something that can just be demanded. My favourite part of my job is seeing students grow and progress, moving from level 2 onto level 3 and then onto Uni and completing their degrees or onto apprenticeships or employment. Knowing you’ve played a small part in that is a real privilege and makes me feel so proud. 

I love working in Saltaire, the setting is beautiful. Everyone at the college sticks together, it's like a work family, I genuinely like everyone I work with! 

Teaching is great but to be in it you’ve got to genuinely like young people and want to make a difference in their lives. I feel my job is a privilege and it's the students that make that'.

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