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Our PGCE & Cert Ed courses are a great way to get into teaching and some of our own staff have qualified through this route. Steph, one of our Health and Social Care lecturers, spoke to us about her experience on the Cert Ed course and moving from working in industry to teaching in college. 

'Before working in FE I was the managing director of a care company. I was MD for 4 years and manager for 5 years before that, I had worked in Healthcare since I left school. As managing director I had various responsibilities including meetings with directors of NHS trusts, working on compliance, interviewing staff and procurement. 

After years of working in an environment where I was hiring and managing healthcare staff I wanted to move into a field where I could help teach and mould the healthcare staff of the future! I knew what was expected and what the reality of working in healthcare was so I knew I would be able to provide valuable insights and real world experience to the students. 

Moving into teaching was a complete change in career and direction. I applied to be a student teacher at Shipley College despite having no teaching qualifications because it was a way for me to earn and learn on the job, I would be able to gain my teaching qualification whilst working at the college. I didn't have a degree, only a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management in Adult Care so I went through the Cert Ed route as you only need a level 3 qualification to start. It was a great way to get into teaching without going to university.

Starting the Cert Ed course and teaching was a culture shock, I'd gone from being in charge to being told what to do! However, the tutors were amazing and whilst it can seem daunting to be going back into education it's definitely worth it and the tutors and support I received made the experience easier. 

I finished my Cert Ed in June 2023, it was a great experience and I am really glad I did it. I learnt a lot about myself and proved that I could do things I didn't think I could. I am now the course coordinator for T Level Health and I really enjoy teaching. I’d definitely recommend moving into teaching and doing it through the PGCE or Cert Ed course depending on your previous qualifications'.

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