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We understand that going to college is often the first taste of a more adult learning environment, and we're here to make it as fun, exciting and fulfilling as possible.

Alongside the fully-equipped classrooms in our beautiful historic buildings, we offer sector-specific facilities such as a clinical healthcare ward designed in partnership with the NHS, a multi-purpose art studio, greenhouses for our Horticulture students, dedicated Esports suites, a mock aircraft cabin, life science labs and a Business Innovation boardroom. 

Your time at Shipley College goes beyond your learning, so we also have a wide range of clubs, activities and opportunities to give you the full college experience.

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We offer plenty of opportunities to enrich your time at Shipley College, in and out of the classroom!

As part of your course, you will benefit from a range of activities, guest speakers and trips.

Guest speakers from local businesses often visit classes to provide insight into their working world. You can also join visits to employers or universities, to help you decide on your next steps after college. 

We have a strong Student Voice, with a student rep scheme and a Shipley College Student’s Union. For those who would like to pursue other interests, we have a lunch time Games Clubs, a Chess Club and sport activities including Basketball, Pool, Table Tennis, Badminton and Volleyball.


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We also run a LGBTQIA+ club in partnership with Bradford Youth Service who also run our youth club. Our students get the opportunity to get involved in Youth Social Action (YSA) where young people take the lead to make a positive difference and drive forward change in their local community. This can take the form of volunteering locally, mentoring new students, or perhaps by fundraising or campaigning for a local charity. We participate in the John Muir Award for local environmental conservation projects, have a partnership with the Canal & River Trust and are very much involved in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme. 

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The Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme started in the 1950s and is now offered in 130 countries around the world. It encourages young people to make a positive difference to themselves and the world around them, via volunteering, physical activity, learning a new skill, and going on an expedition, and aims to develop skills like resilience, problem-solving, teamwork and communication.

Shipley College started offering the award in 2015, and has since been recognised as an outstanding provider by the DofE scheme.

- Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme, 2022  

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All full-time students have opportunities to enrich their CV or university application, improve their leadership skills and stand out from the crowd by volunteering!

Volunteering provides valuable life experience and helps build well-rounded students so we actively encourage students to get involved with:

  • Organising and promoting events
  • Fundraising for charities/organisations such as Comic Relief and Children in Need
  • Completing voluntary work as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Taking part in the National Citizenship Service (NCS)
  • Gaining valuable experience, rewards and even additional qualifications working with local agencies and service providers


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To help keep you active and healthy, we have a fully equipped fitness suite which is open before and after college and at lunchtime so you can fit working out around your studies. The gym is free to all students.


If you are a student or an apprentice, you are eligible to buy a NUS TOTUM card. These cost from £14.99 per year, but are worth the money, meaning that you can take advantage of student discounts in fashion, music, technology, beauty, travel, supermarkets, restaurants, high street stores, UK attractions...

All these discounts go a long way!

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