Shipley College Full Time 16 18 Apprenticeship Tlevel Digital Computing 18

West Yorkshire has the fastest growing digital sector in the country, so there’s never been a better time to gain a qualification in Digital 7 Computing Skills. 

Being IT-literate is key to a successful career and Shipley College provides courses that cover cybersecurity, networking, programming, digital marketing and lots more besides 

Computing professionals are in constant demand to support, maintain and innovate technology across all industries, making it a very versatile skill set to have. Given that Digital & Technology is one of the stated priority areas of the West Yorkshire LSIP (Local Skills Improvement Plan) this is only set to continue in our region.

Jobs in this area, such as programmers, software developers and analysts, have never been more in demand, so if you’re looking for a career change, why not consider this vital sector?


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