Health Care Support Worker Level 2 Apprenticeship


Shipley College offers an Health Care Support Worker Level 2 Apprenticeship designed to equip new and existing Healthcare Support Workers who work in a range of healthcare settings, for example in a hospital, General Practice, as part of a community team and in individuals’ homes where their wider team may include workers from both health and social care. They can also be found in social care settings where the scope of the role they carry out requires them to be responsible for a range of clinical tasks.  These roles are becoming more common as health and social care services in some areas become integrated or where residential and nursing homes are caring for residents who have health and care needs, are unwell or reaching the end of their life but have not been transferred to a hospital or primary care setting.

  • Patients, service users, carers and their families
  • Registered healthcare professionals, for example doctors, nurses and other allied health professionals
  • Social care staff including registered managers, adult care workers and social workers
  • Administration, management and other staff like cleaners, drivers, porters and receptionists


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