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The Esports Level One course is an introductory programme designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the booming industry of competitive gaming. Students will have the opportunity to learn about the various career pathways available within Esports, from professional players and coaches to event organisers and content creators. The course also explores the business side of Esports, including sponsorship deals, branding, and marketing strategies. The students will learn how to maximise gaming performance by learning about the importance of healthy eating and exercise.
Participants will gain a solid understanding of the skills and knowledge required to succeed in the fast-paced world of competitive gaming. Whether you are a passionate gamer looking to turn your hobby into a career, or simply curious about the industry, thIs course is a great starting point for anyone interested in Esports.

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Featured Modules
AD8 Designing a Product B7 Branding a Product. SP12 Keeping Active and Healthy. DM6: Designing an Interactive Presentation
Entry requirements
For the Entry Level 2 programmes, you do not need any qualifications. For the Level 1 programmes, you need 2 GCSEs at grade 2 in either English or maths. You will be invited to an introductory session before the course starts, to see if it is the right fit. We will do an assessment to find out which course level is right for you. Before you start, you will meet other students and your tutors at College to help you settle in.
Progression Information
After you have finished the course you can progress on to a higher level of study, such as E Sports Level Two.
Enrolment Type
This Course Meets The Needs Of The Region By
The course includes visits to local and national e-sports industries. Our curriculum includes giving our learners work skills such as teamwork, communication and problem solving which gives our learners an insight into the world of work.
Trips And Visits
To local esports companies and opportunities take part in e-sports competitions.


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