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Discover your creative potential with Shipley College's Foundation T Level in Media. If you're passionate about film, games, television, and music, this course is your ideal starting point. You'll cultivate the essential skills necessary to thrive in this fast-paced and dynamic industry, blending research with practical projects.

Delve into animation, videography, and graphic production using industry-standard software. Create captivating posters, videos, and use social media for local event promotion. Gain insights from professionals, for example through visits to the National Science & Media Museum, and improve your English, maths and academic writing at the same time!

This course paves the way for progression to a Level 3 T Level or vocational options, followed by higher education or employment in roles such as media, broadcasting, production, photography, editing, journalism, and animation.

Unlock your creative future with Shipley College. Enrol today and step into the world of media.

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Trips And Visits
Students on this course have benefitted from visits to the likes of the National Science and Media Museum - a treasure trove of techie marvels and media magic to provide inspiration - and Bradford Community Radio, where they were able to craft their own radio show.Regular speakers visiting from local industry provide mentoring and contact with the media sector.
Is There Anything Else I Need To Know
We assess learning in ways that mirror the real world of Media. Instead of exams, you'll craft creative concept art, design exciting animations, persuasive presentations, and engaging videos. These assessments immerse you in practical skills valued by industry professionals, ensuring you have the skills and knowledge to progress onto a L3 course or find relevant employment.


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