We’re proud to work alongside InCommunities to offer opportunities in Horticulture & Grounds Maintenance. Students undertake a 5 week training course at Shipley College, gain 2 qualifications and have a guaranteed job interview at the end of the course!

We caught up with Gary, James, and Mitchell to see how they were getting on now they’re in their paid seasonal jobs:

Gary West Incommunities 1

 “I really enjoyed the training, especially the parts on shrub planting and choosing seedlings. We also got machine training on everything we will be using – strimmers, hedge cutters and blowers.

 The college helped me with my CV, which was a big plus to be honest.

 It’s great to have been successful on the programme – InCommunities is a large company and once you’ve worked for a season you have a great chance when full-time vacancies come up.”

- Gary West


James Ashton Incommunities 1

 “I’ve done lots of other jobs in things like retail and security, but I prefer to be outdoors. I also liked that you got a guaranteed interview at the end of the course.

 The best things about the job are working in a team and making a positive difference to each place – the older generation especially appreciated what we do. Also, the pay is good!”

- James Ashton 


Mitchell Campbell Incommunities 1

 “I haven’t done anything like this before – I have been doing it a month now and it is going brilliant. I’m really enjoying it, just being outside, travelling to different places every day.

 I found out about the opportunity through the Jobcentre and liked the sound of it. The 5 weeks of training was fun, and the plan now is to be taken back on after September.

 Shipley College were brilliant – the whole thing is a big stepping stone!”

- Mitchell Campbell

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