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Look who came back to visit!

In between winning a BAFTA, TV presenting and dancing on Strictly, we’re really pleased George found time to come back and see us all. It was great to catch up and hear all about the adventures he’s been on since leaving Shipley College including writing his own book entitled This Is Me. 

Shipley College George Webster

George's Journey to Becoming a BAFTA Winner

After studying Creative Media at Shipley College, George joined the CBeebies channel in 2021 as a guest presenter, and the first CBeebies presenter with Down’s syndrome.
George is an actor, dancer, presenter, public speaker and ambassador for the disability charity Mencap.
Debbie Morrisroe, Creative Media Course Coordinator said: “He was chosen because he is so warm, engaging and fun in his presentation style, and a perfect fit for CBeebies House.”

Debbie said: "He's a brilliant kid - an absolute all rounder. He's a joy to be around and is very motivational and inspirational."


Coverage in The Guardian in September 2021:

At 7.23am on Monday, George Webster made TV history when he bounced into the CBeebies house.

Most young viewers would have been unaware they were witnessing a landmark TV moment: to them, Webster was just another smiling grown-up, dressed in brightly coloured clothing and talking to Dodge, the CBeebies dog.

Webster is the first BBC children’s presenter with Down’s syndrome, but no mention was made of this. He introduced himself simply as George, a 21-year-old from Leeds who loves to cook, sing and dance.

The fact he wasn’t given any special treatment made it all the more important for many parents watching at home.

“CBeebies, you have made a mum of a little boy just like George so excited. You are the best,” tweeted Karen Taylor. One father posted a picture of himself and his daughter, who has Down’s, saying: “Go George!!! We are so excited to see you.”

His mother, Jane, said her emotions were all over the place: “I was blubbing one minute and smiling the next. I just love his work ethic and his positivity. We always say George’s days are all 10 out of 10 because he makes them like that.”

Webster’s first show proved a huge hit with viewers. A clip of him doing Saturday Night Fever-style dance moves, making a smoothie and reciting a poem went viral on Twitter, clocking up well over 1.2m views.

He was originally hired as a guest presenter, but viewers have bombarded the network demanding for him to be taken on full-time.


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