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We offer a comprehensive GCSE English Language course designed to help you reach your full potential. Led by expert tutors, our friendly and accessible program is open to all adult learners aged 19 and above.

Our course is structured over an academic year (September to June) and covers a wide range of interesting and relevant topics, including nonfiction and imaginative writing, spelling, punctuation, and grammar. We also incorporate elements of digital learning to enhance your experience.

We understand that choosing the right course is important, so before enrolling, we invite you to meet with the tutor and take a free initial assessment to ensure that it is the right fit for you.

Achieving GCSE English Language can open doors to employment, higher-level study, or training. However, the benefits of this course go beyond academic advancement. You will also develop valuable skills that can be applied in everyday life.

Our course is free for most learners aged 19 and above, but eligibility will be checked during enrolment. Don't miss out on the opportunity to improve your English Language skills and gain new career prospects. Enrol today at Shipley College.

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Free of charge for learners aged 19+ as at 31st August, without grade 9 - 4 or A - C at GCSE For further information click -


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