Our Art & Design students have taken part in an ideation workshop, led by set and costume designer, Louie Whitemore, and the Royal Opera House's Create & Design Manager, Sandra Dartnell.
During the workshop, students generated design ideas for the ballet 'Alice's Adventure' in Wonderland'. This was a whistle-stop tour of how to begin to generate ideas for set or costume design using text and music stimuli. Students used sketching, mind mapping and collage, and were asked to pitch their ideas to each other, developing key employability skills. We even had a visit from Chappie - the local College cat!
Our new relationship with the Royal Opera House will also compliment our brand new Performing Arts courses, starting this September!

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“It was a great insight into the world of creative set and costume design as it was not something I had previously thought about and it was very interesting to see the process of generating ideas based on music and a storyline. Maybe set and costume design will be something that I will consider in the future.” 

Shelley-Anne, Level 3 Art & Design



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“The workshop challenged the students to generate multiple design ideas quickly, as well as providing valuable insights into careers in theatre design.”

Briony Marston, Director of Quality & Innovation

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