New displays tell the story of our buildings

The Saltaire World Heritage Education Association (SWHEA), who manage the Saltaire Collection of historical items, in the Learning Resource Centre, were successful in getting a small grant from the government that is covering the costs of two permanent displays.

The work going on has already completed 20 storyboards for the Salt Building that tell its history from 1868 until the present day and show how children and young people have often been exploited but how education is the key to preventing low paid, unskilled work or unemployment.

The 20 story boards for Exhibition Building tell the story of the circumstances that were a result of it being built in 1886/1887 and the successful provision of Post-16 education from 1887 to the current day.

New display cases will also help tell the story with some historical objects displayed. SWHEA hope that staff and students will enjoy learning about the historical buildings that they teach and learn in.

If you would like to learn more about the work of the Saltaire Collection and the history of Saltaire, please see

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