Centre of Excellence visit from Morrisons

Last week, Maria and Lewis from Morrisons visited our Centre of Excellence students to talk to them about Supply Chain Management and involve them in a few activities.

Students took part in an activity that involved locating the origins of food/items, and were surprised to find where certain products originate from, such as their carrier bags. They have to order them 6 months in advance and come all the way from Vietnam!

Students learnt about the supply chain in a game where they had to distribute balls from one destination to another, as quickly as possible minimising wastage. Any that were dropped had to be left on the floor and represented lost/spoilt produce and potentially lost profit.

Maria and Lewis spoke about their own personal career journeys both before and during working at Morrisons. Maria is part of the Morrisons in Schools Programme but has had many different job roles within the company over the years. This has given her plenty of experience to be able to carry out her current position. Lewis is a graduate who has been through the degree scheme, so he spoke from experience.

They spoke about the exciting opportunities in different roles within Morrisons and how there was much more available than just working inside the store. They explored opportunities in retail, manufacturing, logistics or central sectors such as finance, marketing and HR, which are areas where they offer apprenticeship and degree apprenticeship programmes.

The students left the session with a better understanding of working for a large national organisation such as Morrisons which they can use in their studies through the Centre of Excellence and when making career choices for the future.

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