Action Research - a collaboration project


Our GSCE students have been writing letters to some new friends in London!

This project began with a webinar in September when tutor Jan Calvert taught a session on the text, ‘Dracula’ to students at Waltham Forest College in London.

In collaboration with tutor, Matt Gordon, and as part of an Advanced Practise ETF funded Action Research Project, the London students sent their written responses to the text to a small group of  our students who discussed their answers and gave them feedback.

As the two teams moved onto studying for their GCSE exam they decided to write to each other.

Writing a letter is an exam task that can sometimes seem an irrelevance or ordeal but we received 39 wonderful letters from students at Waltham Forest and 82 of our GCSE students have written replies. Offering an authentic audience and real purpose for their writing has prompted students to produce some of their best work this year. They have written about themselves, their interests, our college, what it’s like to live in Bradford, the history of Saltaire and discussed the experience of learning in lockdown.  The letters are now ready to send to London and we await a reply!

The collaboration between the two staff has allowed us to use technology to promote fabulous progress in GCSE.


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