Minutes of Corporation Meetings

Minutes are currently being added to the website.  If you have any specific queries, please contact Jeremy Stott, Clerk to the Corporation, on 01274 327222 or by email to jstott@shipley.ac.uk

See our Timetable of Corporation Meetings 2021-22


Approved minutes of the Audit Committee

Audit Minutes - 24th November 2020

Audit Minutes - 15th June 2021

Audit Minutes - 23rd November 2021

Approved minutes of the Corporation

Corporation Minutes - 15 December 2020

Corporation Minutes - 30th March 2021

Corporation Minutes - 13th July 2021

Corporation Minutes - 14th December 2021


Approved minutes of the Curriculum & Quality (C&Q) Committee 

C&Q Minutes - 1st December 2020

C&Q Minutes - 2nd March 2021

C&Q Minutes - 22nd June 2021

C&Q Minutes - 30th November 2021


Approved minutes of the Finance & Resources (F&R) Committee

Finance & Resouces Minutes - 8 December 2020

Finance & Resources Minutes - 23rd March 2021

Finance & Resources Minutes - 6th July 2021


Approved minutes of the Search Committee

Search Committee Minutes - 4 March 2021

Search Committee Minutes - 21st April 2021

Search Committee Minutes - 28th September 2021

Search Committee Minutes - 5th October 2021


Public Access to Meetings

The Corporation have agreed that meetings of the Corporation and its committees will be open to non-members to attend. 

Corporation Policy On Public Access To Meetings

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