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An Access to Higher Education Diploma prepares adults without traditional qualifications for study at university. They are usually 2 days per week and take one year to complete.

Access to Health & Social Care

Here at Shipley College we offer Access routes into Health & Social Care, as we have an ageing population in Bradford, and an increasing demand for those services.

We offer two pathways under Access to Health & Social Care:

In the Health Professions pathway, you will learn about human physiology, psychology and get an understanding of professional healthcare practice. This route prepares you for university study in areas such as Nursing, Midwifery, Paramedic Science and a whole range of other health professions. 

The Social Sciences pathway allows you to develop an understanding of social issues in Health & Social Care, psychology and of professional healthcare practice. This pathway will prepare you for areas like Social Work, Teaching, Psychology, Criminology and Youth & Community Development.



Other Access Courses

NEW - we will also be offering an Access to Higher Education course for Esports (date TBC)


Most people get an Advanced Learner Loan to pay for their Access course, so you will not need to find the money up front. The even better news is that if you do go on to University, and complete your University course, then Student Finance England will ‘write off’ the money you borrowed for your Access course, so you will not need to repay it!
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