Women in Digital at Shipley College

At Shipley College we are proud that we have such a high percentage of female students on our Digital courses. In some classes 75% of the students are female and across all our Digital courses 20% are female, only 2% behind the national average! 

We spoke to some of our students about their decision to study Digital courses, what their future career goals are and if they had any advice for girls wanting to get into Digital: 


Lydia and Maddie are two of our Digital Marketing apprentices, they both decided to move to Digital courses because of the future career opportunities: 

‘I decided to go down this route because it's a different way of being creative. Before starting this I was doing a make up course but I wanted to try something different. It's great to see how social media can be used to make a positive difference, and it also means you can basically get a job anywhere because most businesses have a social media role which needs a specialist who knows what they are doing! I decided to come to Shipley College because not many other places do a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship. I really like it here, the tutors are very welcoming.' - Maddie

‘I previously studied hairdressing but wanted to move to a Digital course. This apprenticeship was a great opportunity for me, everything is digital now so there are lots of different jobs for me to go into when I finish my apprenticeship.’ - Lydia 

Rojeen and Amy are two students on our T Level Software Programming course. They both decided to start a Digital course because they want a career in tech:

‘I have always had a fascination with programming so I wanted to pursue it as a career. Tech is a very big thing and there are lots of jobs in it, especially for women as lots of companies want to encourage women into Digital. I went on work placement with Exa Networks and it was a great experience. I got to ask lots of questions and find out what it's like to work in the digital industry - Amy

Sana and Zaynab both progressed from a Level 2 IT course onto Level 3:

‘I have always been interested in IT and enjoyed learning about it. I want to work in Data Analysis so this course has been a great place to start. My favourite unit so far has been E-commerce, I find it really interesting which means it comes easily to me! I came to Shipley because it's a smaller college with smaller classes so you get more attention from the tutors’ - Sana 

‘I always knew I wanted to study IT as it's something I’m interested in. I'm not sure what job I want in the future but I do know I definitely want to be working in Digital. My favourite aspect of the course is the more practical tasks like connecting the computers to the network’ - Zaynab


We asked all the students if they had any advice for girls who were finishing school and were thinking about studying a Digital course:

‘If you're thinking about it just do it, don't believe the stereotypes about it just being for boys!’ - Maddie 

‘Just do it! All our classes are a nice mix and it's not just all boys. Lots more girls are getting into it now. I’d definitely recommend it’ - Zaynab

‘There are so many opportunities for women in Tech and Digital so if you’re thinking about it you should definitely do it’ - Amy

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