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This week marks National Gardening Week, and we are shining the spotlight on our great Horticulture and Floristry courses!

As one of the only providers of Horticulture courses in the area, we are keen to showcase the diverse range of careers you can explore after studying with us. There is more to Horticulture careers than just the stereotypical jobs - working in the industry helps the environment, boosts wellbeing, supports the economy and brings joy to many people.


Here are just a small selection of career paths you can take:

  • Botanist - studying all forms of plant life, Botanists work in a wide range of industries from agriculture and forestry to pharmaceuticals
  • Ecologist - studying the link between animals, plants and the environments, Ecologists help with conservation and sustainability in both natural and man-made areas
  • Horticultural Librarian - managing a collection of literature associated to horticulture, botany and other related subjects. Usually working in a specialist library such as a museum or university, a Horticultural Librarian is usually responsible for educating people on the collections
  • Garden Designer - working in both residential and commercial settings, Garden Designers oversee the design of an outdoor space. With extensive hands-on plant knowledge and a creative flair, a Garden Designer can help transform a space and be involved in all elements of the design and build process 
  • Greenkeeper - working in the sports industry, a Greenkeeper is responsible for the care and maintnenance of green areas. With the opportunity to work seasonally, some Greenkeepers travel the world and manage different areas for weeks or months at a time
  • Florist - being a florist is a great option if you are keen on being your own boss. Using your creativity and knowledge of flowers, you can work in different sectors such as events or even running your own retail shop, creating arrangements to your clients specifications
  • Garden Writer - Horticultural writers can find work writing books, magazine and newspaper articles, marketing materials, technical handbooks and website content. Combining creative writing skills and horticultural knowledge, this is a great career path to explore if you are interested in both plants and writing
  • Lecturer - progressing to work in education is a great step to take after your studies. If you are keen on sharing your knowledge with others and inspiring the next generation of plant-lovers, you could work as a Horticulture teacher, and depending on your qualifications you can work your way up to being a specilist lecturer in a University setting.
  • Plant Geneticist - as a key worker in the agricultural industry, the main aspect of a Plant Geneticist is to take part in scientific research relating to plant breeding and crops. You will help improve the quality of existing crops and even develop new varieties of plants!


If you're interested in growing your career prospects, we offer a range of full and part-time courses in both Horticulture and Floristry.

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