Celebrating our Art & Design students virtual exhibition

Every year our Art & Design students host an exhibition to celebrate their achievements, but this year there was a twist, and a creative one indeed! After a trying year of lockdowns and adapting to online learning, the students had to find creative ways to share their work. They rose to the challenge by collaborating to produce an immersive virtual exhibition, which can be enjoyed by friends, family and art lovers alike. Navigate the floors of our two-story online gallery to explore the talents of our students - click here

The show boasts a variety of styles and techniques, which is a testament to the skills they’ve developed with their tutors. After the year 2020 brought us our students will be leaving College this summer ready to tackle anything that comes their way.

Here is just some of the work you can find in the exhibition

Huda Mohiuddin - Level 2 BTEC Art and Design

This print was made in response to Huda’s experience of lockdown. She wanted to reflect on the fact that much of our time was spent indoors and to enjoy nature to its fullest, it had to be brought into the home. Huda applied the mark-making skills she had developed throughout the course to a new technique - monoprinting. This beautiful vase of flowers was one of Huda’s first attempts at using this new printing process.

Monoprint by student

Video game layout by student

Ben Hall - Level 3 Art and Design Practice

As part of an assignment, Ben was tasked with generating ideas for a new video game, which he created concept art for. Making great use of online pixel art software, Ben developed images that have a retro feel but also reference contemporary independent game trends. He applied his knowledge of colour theory, composition and value to give this image balance and a sense of depth.


Eavan Richards - Level 3 Art and Design

No, this isn’t a photograph of the ground! In response to the theme ‘Journeys’ Eavan created a study in the style of Boyle Family (a group of artists best known for three dimensional casts of the surface of the earth). This detailed replication of a section of the ground that she passes on her way into college was created using a range of different materials - sand, polystyrene, tissue paper etc. Eavan has constructed shapes and built up textures that make this a highly realistic representation of a tiny snapshot of her journey. 


3D model by student

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