Sector Based Pre-employment Training

Pre-Employment Training - Sector-Based Work Academy Programme (SWAPs)


The Sector-Based Work Academy Programme is available to anyone aged 19+ unemployed or earning less than £19,305 a year and living in the Leeds/Bradford area. The programme gives an opportunity to those receiving unemployment benefits to learn new skills and to gain valuable experience in a particular industry, such as in Railway Engineering, Warehousing, Care or Horticulture.

A Sector-based Work Academy lasts up to six weeks and has two key components:

  • Pre-employment training relevant to the job role, which will usually include a qualification in employability skills.

  • A guaranteed job interview for those who successfully complete the programme. 

One feature of the SBWA is that it offers a flexible approach and can be adapted to meet the needs of the employer. Participants remain on benefits throughout the duration of the placement and the Government will pay any travel and childcare costs. 

The Sector Based Work Academy Programme is administered by Jobcentre Plus and available in England and Scotland to all job seekers aged 18 and above.

We are committed that jobseekers will gain essential skills through relevant training to be able to succeed in the workplace.

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