Employer Endorsement Scheme

Here at Shipley College we want to be sure that our courses contain the right sector skills, so that when our students move into the world of work they can be an instant asset to local businesses across the Bradford region and beyond. 


All FE courses have input at awarding body level from huge national employers, which is obviously a great start - but, as the organisations most likely to employ our students after they successfully complete their studies, we want to ensure that local businesses have a voice too. 


As such, our Employer Endorsement Scheme is a way that local businesses can help us best prepare their future workforce. Each course or sector at Shipley College will have an employer who endorses it - first and foremost, by working with us to review the content of the relevant course to confirm that module detail is absolutely relevant to the current workings of its sector. 


Once the vocational experts in the college and the endorsing employer are agreed on the course content’s relevance, the employer can decide that that is as far as their involvement goes. However, where employers want to demonstrate their sector and their organisation to a pipeline of future potential employees, many choose to continue their course area endorsement via the delivery of masterclasses, student visits to their workplace, tours, activities and via the offering of work placements

To express your interest in joining the Employer Endorsement Scheme and representing a particular course area, please contact our Vice-Principal, Curriculum & Quality Greg O’Shea goshea@shipley.ac.uk 

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