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We can discuss with you the costs associated with offering apprenticeships and the apprenticeship levy, or any other questions you may have regarding apprenticeships or training and development options.

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Employers with a salary bill of under £3 million a year are now required to make a 5% contribution to the cost of apprenticeship training and the government will pay the remaining 95%. You will pay the 5% directly to a provider such as Shipley College in monthly payments over the length of an apprenticeship with an agreed payment schedule. As you and the government make a payment, it is called ‘co-investment’.

Employers with fewer than 50 employees can receive additional financial support - contact our Business Development Team who can help you with this process.  

Due to recent changes regarding the way in which Apprenticeships are administered, any Business that is now looking to recruit an apprentice or trainee must register and do so via the Digital Apprenticeship Service (DAS).

This allows employers to access Apprenticeship funding and find and manage their training providers.

If you have not used this service before then please find further information on registering & using the apprenticeship service & and creating an account to manage apprenticeships

As an employer, once you are registered, you will be able to reserve apprenticeship funding and manage and allocate training providers. This needs to be done as soon as possible, ideally before the apprentice starts work with you,

Employers will need to use this service in order for any incentive payments to be paid so it is important you register promptly in order to be eligible.

Employers operating in the UK, with a salary bill over £3 million a year, are now required to contribute to a new Apprenticeship Levy. Employers can then access funds to train existing staff as well as new apprentices.

For more information see Apprenticeship Levy information for large employers (With a pay bill of more than £3 million)

For more specific information you can also see Gov.uk 

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