Benefits of Apprenticeships

greenkeeping apprentices raking sand
Most people have heard about Apprenticeships but what do they mean these days? And how can they help your business access funding and new talented employees to drive your business forward? 
Apprenticeships can benefit your organisation to: 
  • Recruit new or develop existing talent for your business 
  • Fill junior positions allowing existing staff to free up their time and take on more responsibility
  • Give your team new skills and energy
  • Give a young person a career opportunity.
By choosing Shipley College to deliver Apprenticeships you will benefit from:
  • Receiving personal and professional advice from our experienced Business Development Team
  • Making the recruitment of new roles simpler and cheaper
  • Accessing support & guidance from us throughout the process, from recruitment & selection to training & completion
  • Getting advice on costs & funding available for you
  • Simple and cost-effective recruitment 
 With choosing an Apprenticeship through Shipley College, you are not only helping a local young person to start their career, but you will also receive expert advice and support from the Shipley College Business Development Team to recruit new staff.  
Support from the start: 
  • Contact our Business Development Team to find out how we can help you.
  • We will support you through the recruitment & selection process, as well as throughout the Apprenticeship.  
  • We will discuss with you over the phone or in person at your place of work to give you the information you need.  
  • We will guide you through the process, including accessing funding, the options specifically for your organisation and how to move the process forward.  
  • We have expert knowledge of the Apprenticeships qualifications available through the standard and can advise on how these can be selected to ensure the Apprentice meets the needs of the business.  
  • We have a database of people looking for Apprenticeships and can help match suitable people to your roles.  
  • We will advertise your vacancy externally on our website jobs board, as well as via social media. You are also encouraged to advertise the vacancy through your usual methods.  
  • We can support you through the recruitment process being the first point of call for applications and can do the first phase of shortlisting. We can also answer questions from applicants about the role.  

Rob Walker, Head Greenkeeper, Bracken Ghyll Golf Club

Rob Walker, Head Greenkeeper, Bracken Ghyll Golf Club photo

‘Shipley College has been fantastic to work with. The tutor explained the apprenticeship process and visits every five/six weeks to check our apprentice’s progress and give feedback. Overall, I’m pleased with the decision to take on an apprentice and using Shipley College as our training provider. Taking on an apprentice is so rewarding, and I would recommend it. You're helping a young person develop in their career and gain experience and knowledge to help them in the future.’

Angela Newark, Director, Whitegates

Angela Newark, Director, Whitegates photo

'Having an apprentice in the office has been refreshing and given the team a lift. Our apprentice is helpful and has great empathy with the customers, always trying to find ways to deliver good customer service. The College has been very supportive with our Apprentice programme over the years. They understand that we are a small business and need a high calibre of employees who we are happy to invest in for our future.'

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