Reporting an Absence

Reporting an Absence

Full-time students, apprentices & traineeships – You must let us know if you are unable to attend College by 8.30am on the day of your absence by calling the absence line on 01274 327293 or text 07860 031287, clearly stating:

  • Your Student ID Number (on your ID badge)

  • Your first and last name

  • The reason why you will not be in College


Speak directly or text Attendance Officer - Fiona Pickles or Ruth Farmer on:

T: 07970 705929

You can also phone and text your Learning Coach, on the mobile number they have provided, with your message:

  • Matt Green - 07794 410772 
  • Sophie Pullan - 07794 410842
  • Tara Phillips - 07794 394967
  • Lucy Rhodes - 07794 410791

Or if you are on an Apprenticeship, contact your Apprenticeship Learning Coach on:

  • Melanie Sutherland - 07969 686915


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