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Is it the time to change your career? To get into work? Start your own business? Do something you love? Something that would make a difference? 

We have loads of adult courses starting in early 2023 that could help you make a change.

Floristry Level 1

This 10-week course is ideal if you are looking to explore your creativity and learn basic practical floristry skills and techniques. You will produce floral arrangements following basic design principles and construction techniques. This course is good preparation if you are looking to progress onto the Floristry Level 2 Technical Certificate. 

Horticulture Level 1 - Gardening Basics 

This course is ideal if you wish to develop basic skills in gardening, whether you are looking for a career change or a new interest. Learn, practical horticulture skills in ground preparation, propagation & plant maintenance, planting out and pruning. Boost your confidence, in using tools and machinery correctly. You may wish to progress on to the Level, 1 Diploma or a Level 2 Practical Skills programme.

Garden Design Level 1

This 10-week Level 1 course provides a good introduction to the basic principles of garden design. This course is ideal if you want to design your own garden space or are interested in a career change. You will learn how to plan & produce garden sketches & designs, specify plants and develop planting plans

Garden Design Level 2

This Level 2 Certificate in Garden Design has been designed to enable learners to develop the underpinning plant knowledge and drawing skills required to enter the garden design industry. It equips learners with the skills and knowledge required to progress to the next level of learning in Garden or Planting Design.

Social & Therapeutic Horticulture

This Level 2 course is ideal if you want to develop your skills and gain experience using horticulture and greencare to promote health & wellbeing.

You will learn how to plan and facilitate horticultural activities and nature-based interventions that provide social therapeutic benefits to improve health & well-being in various settings. Perfect if you are working in a health & social care setting, a community or volunteering role, or are interested in a career change.

Preparing to work in Adult Social Care Level 2

Are you thinking about a career in adult health & social care? This course will give you an introduction to the sector by covering the different jobs, responsibilities and services within it. You will develop an understanding of the core values and principles as well as the skills and attitudes needed. On completion you can progress onto the Level 2 Certificate in Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care or the Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care.

Bookkeeping Level 1

This course is a good taster course if you are interested in finance and are considering a career as an accountant. Perhaps it has been a while since you sat an exam and you know that to become an accountant you will have to pass many AAT exams. This course will help you to prepare.

The course will hep you to develop your basic skills in bookkeeping. It will include the duties and responsibilitis of a bookkeeper, how to understand financial transactions and how to process transations, receipts and payments

Once you have passed this course, you can either take the other Level 1 in Accounting Software or may be ready to progress on to Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Accounting ready for a career as an Accountant.

Support Work in Schools & Colleges Level 2

This qualification is an introduction to the knowledge and understanding needed to work in a school or college environment. It can apply to the many varied roles that full and part-time support staff may fulfil including administration, site support, technical support and volunteers, as well as roles that work directly with children and young people in the learning environment. After successful completion, you may wish to progress on to the full Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools & Colleges Level 2 Certificate course. 

Starting your own business Level 2

Starting your own business can be exciting, but it’s important to be fully aware of the initial processes and requirements of a business start-up. If you’re looking to start your own business, this course will help you to explore business ideas and select the most appropriate option to develop.

You will learn how to develop and progress your business plan so you fully understand your target market. The course will also teach you about marketing your business and the important legal and financial requirements you have to follow.

Customer service

This 2 day course gives you the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver excellent customer service giving the business you work for the excellent reputation it deserves. It is ideal for any member of staff that has day-to-day interaction with customers or for those who want to work in customer service, to develop your knowledge and understanding of the principles of effective customer service. 

Level 1 Award in Cybersecurity

This beginners course is intended for those who have some knowledge of computers but would like to know more about Cybersecurity. You may be considering a career in Cybersecurity and will use this to give you a taste of what is involved. It will help you to learn about cybercrime and learn to understand routine protective methods use to maintain cybersecurity, including the principles of vulnerability and penetration testing and user access control.

Once this qualification has been achieved you may be able to progress on to the Level 2 Award in Cybersecurity or consider the Level 1 in Introduction to Programming instead.

ICDL Level 2

If you would like to have a career in Business Administration, then this qualification provides a good starting point. This qualification is valued by employers as it gives recognition for the application of a range of IT user skills and knowledge in the workplace. You will gain valuable knowledge and skills using the Microsoft Office Suite such as Excel and Powerpoint as well as learning which software is most appropriate to use to solve every day technical problems.

Following on from this course, you could apply to complete a Customer Service qualification or an apprenticeship or alternatively look at the more technical programming or cybersecurity qualifications.


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