Our Journey So Far


  • Collaborating with Askham Bryan College to encourage good practice and sustainability projects for students and staff
  • Improving recycling processes and implementing different recycling schemes - Walker's Recycling Scheme
  • Specialised Travel Schemes - Train, Bus & Cycling Schemes
  • LED Light project


  • Government now provides a yearly budget for sanitary products in schools and colleges. Due to Covid-19 remote learning, Shipley College organised "take home packs" which included a range of sanitary products for students
  • Continued promotion and use of Veg Ware for student and staff "take out" lunches
  • Shipley College donates over £2000 to the local Bradford North Foodbank
  • Donation of over 3kg of sanitary products to local food banks and charities


  • Start of the "Red Box Project" at Shipley College - provides free sanitary products to students in need to fight period poverty
  • Introduction of Sustainability Leadership Scorecard
  • Shipley College brings the catering team fully in house!
  • A range of recycling facilities introduced in the Exhibition Canteen and Salt Rock Cafe


  • Implementation of "Veg Ware" - Use of compostable packaging and catering disposables in the canteen areas


  • LiFE Tool is shown to relevant members of staff for the 4 main topics: Estates, Learning & Teaching, Partnership & Engagement and Leadership and Governance
  • Implementation of LiFE Tool
  • Sustainability Action Plan produced October 2017
  • First College in the world to sign the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Accord


  • EAUC introduced LiFE Tool which is free for members and it will help scope the whole of our new Sustainability Plan 
  • SASG members went to SMT to introduce LiFE Tool throughout College - SMT agreed!


  • New Carbon Management Plan to be devised in year 15/16


  • Carbon Management Plan is 91% completed and achieved 105.7% of 113% target
  • Plan is drawn to a close


  • Carbon Management Plan is 79% complete 


  • Carbon Trust approved Carbon Management Plan


  • Accepted on FE Carbon Management Program
  • Produced draft Carbon Management Plan
  • Received sign off from SMT & corporation for Carbon Management Plan


  • Management focus on moving the sustainability agenda forward 


  • LSC/Salix Grant recommended worked implemented.


  • College joins AOC Regional Sustainability Network
  • College produce the first Green Bulletin, an electronic sustainability newsletter. 
  • Environmental & Sustainability report produced to the Corporation 
  • Further Education Sustainable Development Deceleration signed by the College
  • Display Energy Certificates produced and displayed
  • Carbon Trust detailed survey-assessment of energy saving opportunities resulted in LSC/Salix Grant


  • College joins forces with local village stakeholders to form Sustainable Saltaire group 
  • Waste Management action plan developed and implemented
  • Association of Colleges produce Green College's booklet.
  • College joins West Yorkshire Travel Plan Network and produces Green Travel Plan
  • SIG produce Sustainable Action Plan
  • College joins Environmental Association of Universities and Colleges


  • Sustainability & Environmental policy written
  • LSC Baseline Audit and subsequent case study undertaken on the College's approach to sustainable development. Good practise recognised
  • Sustainability Implementation Group (SIG) established.
  • Carbon Trust survey-assessment of specific energy saving opportunities and action plan implemented


  • Learning and Skills Council (LSC) launch "From Here to Sustainability"; a strategy for sustainable development which the College adopts
  • Learning for Sustainability policy written


  • Energy & Environment management case study undertaken and presented to the Corporation with an Action Plan 

Early 1900's

  • Green working party established

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