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Shipley College offers a supportive and accessible Maths GCSE course to help you achieve this important qualification. Led by expert tutors, this course will develop your confidence with numbers and logical reasoning skills. The course covers a wide range of topics, including percentages, probability, and proportion, which are not only helpful for everyday life but also open up access to higher education courses and increase work opportunities.

Before enrolling, you will be invited to meet with the tutor and take a free initial assessment to ensure that this course is right for you. The course is suitable for all adults (19 plus) subject to assessment, and you have the option of studying either the Foundation or Higher topics depending on your future goals.

Achieving a GCSE in Maths is a gateway qualification, which can help with access to employment, higher-level study or training. Even if you're simply looking to broaden your skills and knowledge for personal development reasons, this course will be highly beneficial.

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