Young Enterprise Project - Meet the Teams

For the second stage of the Young Enterprise Project, four teams of our students met with our Principal, Nav Chohan, as well as employers and Governors, to form a Dragons Den style panel to pitch their start-up business ideas. Each team member has a specific job role such as Managing Director, Finance Director, Human Resources Director. They work together as a team to come up with a business idea and decide how they are going to run their business.

Meet the teams below:

Our idea is to sell different types of sweets in hand-decorated jars for various occasions. The selection of sweets will be carefully chosen and we won’t be wasting any produce! The idea behind the business was that sweets are very popular and due to their large audience, they sell well. We have enjoyed putting the idea together and working on the project as a team. We are looking forward to seeing if the business works and watching it turn from an idea into a business.

Sweet Dreams - Tom, Tyler, Zachary, Charlie, Jack, Aakash

Shipley Merch is an idea we put together after discussing printing things on t-shirts for ourselves and we turned it in to our business idea. We will print our bespoke design of one of the Saltaire Lions on to t-shirts and hoodies, and then sell them internally around College because the Lion is an iconic part of Saltaire and the College. It is early stages and we have enjoyed doing the photography and designs. We’re looking forward to seeing if they will sell and if it is a successful business idea.

Shipley Merch – Usma, Nathan, Callum, Aiman

We decided to do something different by identifying a gap in the market and using the skills we all have to come up with a business idea that would be successful. We will be taking photos of people and putting them in key rings for them to buy for birthdays, Christmas and special occasions such as Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. Our idea is special because every product will be unique. It has been difficult but it has also been an amazing experience so far and we are looking forward to the experience of having to run our own business and creating the products.

PhotoGenic – Ben, Megan, Sophie, Olivia, Sanaa

After we realised our initial business idea wasn’t viable, we quickly came up with a more sustainable business idea of selling headphones and screen protectors on various social media sites as well as internally around College. We knew there is a demand for phone products because most people have a phone. It has been a good experience and has been fun working as part of a team and will be interesting to see if the business works.

Rapid Alert Network – Daniel, Umair, Haris, Umar, Hamaad, Qasir, Muizz, Harees, Rahim

The next stages for the teams is to set up a bank account for their business and to buy the products/equipment they need for their business in order to start selling.
Good luck to all the teams involved! Keep an eye out for updates on their progress.



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