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Want to know what it's like working for an employer? Our apprentices work in a wide range of environments.  Find out more about their apprenticeships and their employers. 

William, Horticulture apprentice at R.S Burnett Landscaping and Gardening

'I am an enthusiastic worker who enjoys learning about the industry I work in. I like to learn new skills to help further develop my career. I chose a Horticulture apprenticeship to further my career and knowledge in this industry.

I felt like an apprenticeship would be more beneficial to me rather than A levels or a BTEC course. My work ranges from grass cutting, hedge cutting, weeding and using pesticides.

Once I am qualified, I plan to go self-employed.'


horticulture apprentice image

Mohammed, Business Administration apprentice in the Exams Department at Shipley College

'I am currently doing an apprenticeship on Business Administration Level 3 with Shipley College. I am enjoying it. Everyone is so helpful and nice.

Ever since I had a meeting with the careers advisor, my heart has been set on doing an apprenticeship. I found that working and studying at the same time was just the way forward. I strongly believe it is the best way for young people to get a feel of the working environment.

If I did an A-Level or BTEC course, I may or may not have been working part time alongside my studies. Apprenticeships often guarantee employment so you can start paving your working life right away. In addition to this, the apprenticeship encourages good working habits and gives you confidence to step out of your comfort zone.'


business apprentice

Wendy,  Enablement Assistant apprentice at Bradford Council

'My previous job was working for the NHS but I decided to take a career change and have got to say I love my job and it is the best move I ever made.

My working week can change all the time as I work in the community, going into service user’s homes, working with the individuals to promote independence. No days or shifts are ever the same! I really enjoy my job.

The most rewarding thing about the apprenticeship is the qualification in Level 2 Health and Social Care and the amount of support and knowledge provided by the tutors. 

I would highly recommend doing an apprenticeship through Shipley College to all my friends because of the enjoyment it gave me whilst learning to reach and pass my diploma.'



Bryony, Adult Social Care Apprentice at Bradford Enablement Support Team (BEST)

'I am really enjoying completing my NVQ Level 5 in Adult Social Care. I find it gives me the time in my busy working week to reflect upon and consolidate my practice, whilst also having the opportunity to discuss my work further with other professionals from different lines of adult care. My tutors are extremely supportive and my assessor provides me with detailed feedback on all of my pieces of work, which is very helpful and gives me the confidence boost I sometimes need.'

Bryony, Adult Care Apprentice

Kyle, Community Enablement Manager for Bradford Council

'My apprenticeship is Level 5 in Leadership & Management in Adult Social Care. I chose this to enable me to be a manager of Adult Social Care and manage my team to be able to have better outcomes for the service users who use our services and to further my career with Bradford Council. 

I have recently been promoted to Community Enablement Manager for the Discharge to Assess team. I manage a team of trusted assessors and enablement coordinators in the hospital settings both at the Bradford Royal Infirmary and Airedale General Hospital.

The apprenticeship works well for me as I am able to complete it alongside my working hours and I am supported by Bradford Council to achieve this with a paid college day a week to study and learn. 

The most rewarding thing is the help and support I get from my tutor. She has a world full of knowledge and is contactable to help me develop and make my learning enjoyable and enhance my knowledge.

My manager is fully supportive with my learning and allows me do different tasks that supports my learning for evidence and understanding.'


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