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Sandra Miller - 1961-1963

Sandra Miller, Former Typography & English Student, 1961-1963

‘I originally attended Shipley College in 1961-1963 to do Typography and English courses in the Exhibition Building. The typography course was a ½ day release from work which was convenient for me as I worked down the road in Salts Mill in the Dyeing & Finishing office.

The College is situated in a lovely environment with lots of history. Saltaire and the College move with the times while retaining their unique appeal. For example, the Salt Building was Salts Grammar School then, and not part of the College.

After I finished the courses, I moved on from my job in Salts Mill to work in a variety of office administrative roles up to when I retired.

I have been attending Saltaire United Reformed Church for the last 5 years, and in February 2017, I was ordained as an Elder of the Church and I love every minute of it. We get the opportunity in the church to be part of lots of local events and it has a nice community feel about it.

My advice if you are looking to do a course at Shipley College would be to pick something that interests you that you enjoy, and you’ll go far with it.’

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