Psychology Topics #5: Memory, Prejudice & Discrimination with Keith Rice

This is one of two psychology topics courses this year which build on the Introductory course, ‘Understanding Yourself and Others’. It provides a more in-depth approach to helping you explore the specific interests under discussion or build knowledge of psychology and behavioural sciences. Attendance on the introductory course is helpful, but not essential, as recaps and additional study material will be provided. Most people are convinced of the accuracy of their memory; but, in fact, memory can be very unreliable - as experts in Eye Witness Testimony have discovered time and time again. With exercises for participants to test the strength of their recall, this part of the course considers leading models of memory and the potential causes of forgetting. It also offers some tips for improving memory. The second part of the course looks at the nature of consumerism - from different socio psychological perspectives, including Bauman’s theory of the ‘seduced’ and the ‘repressed’. We explore the relationship between prejudice & discrimination, as well as how and why they occur. In doing so it offers not an excuse but an explanation for racism and its persistence in the face of attempts to eradicate it. Some ideas for minimising racism are offered. The role of the media in propagating prejudice and discrimination is also investigated.

Subject Psychology
Level Everyone
Study Type Part Time
Course Code 5397
Cost £ 120.00
Start Date 20-Jan-2022
Start Time 7pm
End Date 31-Mar-2022
End Time 9pm
Day Thursday
Duration 10 Weeks
Venue Shipley College
Start Date Start Time End Date End Time Day Duration Venue
20-Jan-2022 7pm 31-Mar-2022 9pm Thursday 10 Weeks Shipley College
No fee reduction available

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