Italian Improvers

Perfect if you have completed the Beginner’s level or equivalent, these courses are designed to add further depth to your knowledge. In addition to conversational skills, you will start to read and write more. By the end of the course, you will be able to meet & greet people, make compliments & apologies, learn to raise & resolve problems in a restaurant or hotel, chat about yourself in more depth, expressing preferences, likes & dislikes, understand menus & shop for food, understand & translate simple text and hire a car. Please note, there may be flexibility to move to a different level during the course if this level is not right for you. Please note, these courses were planned during the pandemic. Where online teaching is not possible, courses may be taught in college following social distancing requirements. Check updates on our website, or if you have enrolled, you will be contacted directly.

Subject Languages
Level Improvers
Study Type Part Time
Course Code 6112
Cost £ 185.00
Start Date 29-Sep-2020
Start Time 7pm
End Date 18-May-2021
End Time 8:30pm
Day Tuesday
Duration 28 Weeks
Venue Online
Start Date Start Time End Date End Time Day Duration Venue
29-Sep-2020 7pm 18-May-2021 8:30pm Tuesday 28 Weeks Online
No fee reduction available

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