Coronavirus Guidance

CORONAVIRUS (COVID 19) UPDATE 19 March 2020 10.45am


For Students, Parents/Carers, Apprentices, Employers & Staff 

The Prime Minister has said that all colleges will close after this Friday 20th March.  Shipley College will move to a period of distance learning and its buildings will be closed to students from the morning of Friday 20th March. 

This decision has been made to ensure the safety and well-being of staff and students.

For the latest information on the COVID-19 outbreak please check the NHS, Government and Public Health websites.

Supporting Students through Distance Learning 

Information will be provided to support you during this period of distance learning and you will be updated with further guidance and supporting resources (this may be a mixture of posted resources, email, GClassroom or similar and the Student Portal).

Shipley College expects that all students will continue to learn and will remain in contact with their tutors and Learning Coaches, where appropriate.

Your tutors will tell you how to continue your learning during this period. They will let you know how you will access key sources of information and assignments. Your tutors will also agree on the best ways to communicate with you and for you to receive feedback on your work. For some students you will be remotely attending online classes at set times, so you will need to organise your time to ensure you do so.

For full time students and Apprenticeship learners, you will also have access to your regular Learning Coach, who will be available via telephone, G Suite or email to discuss any worries, support needs and to make sure you are fully engaging with the set work.

Please note that this does NOT affect Apprentices in the workplace, who will continue to attend work as normal.  Any changes to work hours will be up to their individual employer.

If you need to talk to Student Services the team will offer support, advice and guidance by phone on 01274 327281 or

We have lots of helpful information on the Student Portal on the STUDENT WELLBEING & MENTAL HEALTH page.  You will find information on organisations available to offer you help online or by phone if you are in crisis or need urgent help.


We will provide regular updates both here and on social media, as some government details are still unclear.

Please be reassured that we aim to continue to provide the best service we can. An outline of our plans, including clarification of the government guidance regarding important exams, and any contact details will be provided over the course of the day. 

In the meantime, if you have any concerns for your health or for others in relation to the virus, please follow advice from Public Health England or call NHS 111 to discuss symptoms. Do not go directly to your GP or other healthcare environment.


 Here are some useful FAQs to help answer any questions you may have regarding college. Information for both current and future students is included.


Please note, students and staff should follow these reporting procedures if they are unable to carry out their work or studies due to an illness or other type of "absence".  

  • All students - inform your tutor using the same method of communication they have agreed with you during this remote learning period

  • Staff call - 01274 327249


People returning to the UK from specific areas affected by Coronavirus can check for information here 

Other useful information can be found on NHS UK or the BBC website.



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