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17th May 2021 Update

As the country moved to Step 3 of the roadmap, face coverings are no longer required in classrooms but continue to be needed in corridors, communal areas, and toilets. All other safety measures remain in place.


TEACHING & LEARNING from w/c 17th May

Full-time students aged 16-19 (19-24 with an EHCP) on Full-Time Programmes will continue to have most of their teaching and learning onsite. Some courses will continue to deliver some learning online.

Adult part-time students will continue to learn online and/or in College. Your tutor will provide you with further information.

Apprentices will continue to attend work as normal and most will undertake their learning online, with the exception of apprentices in Land-based studies who will come into College for practical sessions. Apprentices who are close to the end of their apprenticeship may also be asked to attend the College to undertake mandatory assessments such as Functional Skills or End Point Assessment. You will be contacted by your tutor and the Exams Office if this affects you. 

Please note, if you are on a distance learning course where all of your learning is completed online then these changes will not affect you. You will continue to receive support from your tutor. 



Exams for this summer have been cancelled for the majority of courses, including GCSE maths and English. Instead, many qualifications will be awarded on Teacher Assessed Grades in mid-June, which means that the next few months will be really important. You are in control of your own grade and your future, and your tutors will support you all the way.

We all want you to get the best result you can, and so I would encourage you to take up all the opportunities you are given to show what you can do and how much progress you have made. You may be required to take some tests that will be assessed by College staff.

*Extra small group support is available to full-time students with a grade 4 or below in either maths or English through the STRIDES programme. Your tutor can register you for this.

You will be assessed on work that has been covered in class and so it is vital that you attend all of your sessions. By making positive contributions in your lessons and completing all of the work set, you will make sure your tutor has all the evidence they need to award you your best possible grade.

Results will be available earlier this year: results day for GCSE and Level 2 programmes will now be 12th August and Level 3 on 10th August. Click here to see the students guide to Summer 2021 qualification results and assessments 



There are various ways you could be assessed depending on the type, of course, you are studying. Your tutor will explain exactly how your particular course will be assessed and graded. 

Some courses will continue to be taught and assessed in the normal way and results will be based on evidence of your performance in course work and/or practical tasks completed.

On other types of course there will be some adaptations to assessment; this will require tutors to make judgements about student evidence which will be used to determine the Teacher Assessment Grades (TAGs) that we award to students.

The evidence will include (but not be limited to) assessment materials such as groups of questions, past papers or similar materials such as practice or sample papers. Non-exam assessment work (often referred to as coursework), will be used even if this has not been fully completed. Work produced in devised tasks which reflect the awarding organisation specification will be marked in a way that reflects awarding organisation mark schemes. Class and/or homework will be used, as appropriate (including work that took place during Online learning). Also internal tests and mock exams taken over the course of study will be taken into consideration. Records of a student’s capability and performance over the course of study in performance-based subjects such as Music or Sport, will be used to support grades.

We will use additional assessment materials to give students the opportunity to show what they know, understand or can do in an area of study that has been taught but not yet assessed. We will also use additional assessment materials to support consistency of judgement between tutors and/or groups by giving everyone the same task to complete (E.g all GCSE English groups will have the same assessment opportunities).

Click here to see the students guide to Summer 2021 qualification results and assessments 




The Covid testing facility in Exhibition Hall has now been stood down. All students now have access to home testing kits (Lateral Flow Device - LFD) so that you can continue to test yourselves twice a week. 

*We have a single bay testing facility in College for any student or staff member who is unable to conduct tests at home. Appointments are available on request by emailing

To order additional home test kits, please use this link and then collect from reception in Salt Building. Other members of your household can also apply for free home test kits so they can also test themselves by contacting their local test centre. 

Please register your results using this  We also ask that you register your results with the college through this link

We would like you to prioritise taking the tests on the night before /  morning of the days you come into College so that you can be as confident as you can be that you do not have Covid-19. 

If you test positive for Covid-19 you must self isolate in line with the stay at home guidance. You will also need to arrange a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test to confirm the LFD result. The message from Test and Trace will tell you how you can arrange this.

Testing is not mandatory but is highly recommended as it helps to make College a much safer place for us all. 



Shielding for Clinically Extremely Vulnerable people ended on the 1st April and the Government is now advising that staff and students can start to return to College. Students wishing to discuss their return to College should do so in the first instance with their tutor. Staff should contact their manager or Human resources.  



For full details please see the Risk Assessment and Protocols which are on the College website.



Students on Full-Time Programmes are in class bubbles and each bubble will use a limited number of classrooms. It is really important that you stay within these bubbles and do not mix with other students. There will be some flexibility in start and finish times, break and lunchtimes to avoid the shared areas being overly busy. You should take particular care to maintain 2 metres distance from others when using the canteen.

There may be some slightly different arrangements whilst students are on placement or for apprentices.

Adult learners and those on part-time or apprenticeship programmes will not be working in bubbles but will maintain 2 metres social distancing in their classes.



The current guidance states that face coverings no longer need to be worn in classrooms but should be worn when moving about the College and in communal spaces like corridors, canteens, and toilets.

Please ensure that you bring a face covering to College and note that face coverings remain mandatory on public transport.

Can we please remind you about good mask hygiene:

  • avoid touching the front of your face covering during use or when removing it 
  • dispose of temporary face coverings in a ‘black bag’ waste bin (not recycling bin) 

  • if removing a reusable mask for any reason it should be stored in a resealable plastic bag 

  • wash your hands before and after putting on or removing your mask

Please note, if you are medically exempt from wearing a mask then you are not affected by this new rule. You may be exempt if either of the following apply:

  • You cannot put on, wear or remove a face covering because of a physical impairment or disability, illness or mental health difficulties 
  • You speak to or provide help to someone who relies on lip-reading, clear sound or facial expression to communicate



Another important thing you can do to protect yourself and others is to clean your hands You should do this more regularly than usual and certainly when:

  • arriving at College
  • moving between rooms

  • before and after using the toilet

  • before and after eating.

There are hand sanitiser stations available throughout the College and skin-friendly antiseptic wipes in each classroom. You will also be asked to wipe down your desk and any equipment before you use them.



Additional cleaning will take place and will be more frequent on high touch surfaces such as door handles. Rooms will be well ventilated with windows and doors left open wherever possible.

We must remind you that you should only come to College if you are feeling well. If any of the following apply you must follow the stay at home guidance and not come into College.

  • any Covid-19 symptoms (high temperature, new, continuous cough, loss of taste or smell)
  • you have tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 10 days

  • you have been asked to self-isolate by Track and Trace

  • you are required to self-isolate after travelling abroad outside the Common Travel Area

  • a member of your household/support bubble is exhibiting symptoms or has tested positive in the last 10 days 

We ask you to show respect for your family, friends, College staff and residents of Saltaire village and continue to behave responsibly and follow the national guidelines both in and out of College.



Information for all our students to support you in your remote studies.

Some courses and sessions will continue to include online learning. Online sessions will normally take place using Google classroom and Google Meet, and your tutor will invite you to the lessons. You are expected to attend all of your timetabled lessons, take part in activities and complete all work set for you. Your tutors will continue to mark your work regularly and provide you with feedback so that you know how well you are doing and what you need to do to keep developing your knowledge, skills and behaviours. This is really important to enable you to achieve your targets and qualifications and to support your progress at the end of your course. 

Our guide to remote learning can be found here

For students who were previously studying solely online or distance learning, there will be no change for you. You will continue to access learning and receive support from your tutors in your usual way.



Your tutor or learning coach can help with most queries. If you are having difficulties, please do make us aware.

If you are normally supported in class by a Learning Support Assistant (LSA) or Communication Support Worker (CSW), this support will also continue in any online sessions.

If you need to talk to Student Services the team are available to offer support, advice, and guidance. Contact them  by phone on 01274 327281 or by emailing

We have lots of helpful information on the Student Portal on the STUDENT WELLBEING & MENTAL HEALTH page.  You will find information on organisations available to offer you help online or by phone if you are in crisis or need urgent help.



If you are unable to attend your sessions, either on-site and online, you should continue to report your absence in the normal way.

Full-time students 

You can contact us in any one of the following ways:

  • Telephone  01274 327293 
  • Text 07860 031287

  • Email

Click here for more info



If you are on an Apprenticeship, contact your Apprenticeship Learning Coach:

  • Melanie Sutherland on 07969 686915


Adult Learners

Adult learners should contact their tutor directly.


Other useful contact details

  • IT student helpline email
  • Learning Resource Centre 

Absence reporting for staff: Please follow the normal process for reporting staff absence. HR absence line is 01274 327249.



We will provide regular updates here, on social media and by your College email, in response to changing government guidance.

In the meantime, if you have any concerns for your health or for others in relation to the virus, please follow advice from Public Health England or call NHS 111 to discuss symptoms. Do not go directly to your GP or other healthcare environments



Please remember that under no circumstances should any member of staff or students attend College if they are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 or have tested positive in the last 10 days, or if a member of your household is experiencing symptoms or has had a positive test in the last 10 days.

The College will liaise with the Public Health England Health Protection Team and Track and Trace. You may be asked to book a test and self-isolate if you are displaying symptoms, provide details of anyone you have had close contact with if your test is positive or asked by NHS Track and Trace, or self isolate if you have had close contact with anyone who has symptoms or tests positive for Covid-19. Your cooperation is appreciated.

People returning to the UK from specific areas affected by Coronavirus can check for information here 

Other useful information can be found on NHS UK or the BBC website.

For the latest information on the COVID-19 outbreak please check the NHS, Government, and Public Health websites.

Stay safe.

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