Part Time

Stretch and meditate your way to health with our broad range of fitness classes.

We understand that fitness is a spectrum, so whatever ability or age you are, we have something to suit you. We have amazing professionals working with us to deliver high quality classes that are worth every penny! Our 10-week courses give you the opportunity to see real progress week by week and work with the tutor to get the most out of each session.


“I have practised yoga for about 30 years. The first yoga class I taught, it was the enjoyment of teaching and the feedback from the students that gave me a great deal of satisfaction, which inspired me to carry on. I have taught a variety of different abilities throughout the years, and I enjoy the response of each student and their gratitude for enjoying their body, mind and spirit.”

- Tony Byrne, Hatha Yoga Tutor


Study Type Part Time
Venue Shipley College
Duration 10 Weeks
Level Everyone
Start Date Multiple start dates

Hatha Yoga for Everyone

Hatha Yoga at Shipley College is a course designed for individuals of all ages and fitness levels - perfect for beginners or those with prior experience.Our course utilises the postures of yoga, breath…

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