Step Into programmes

‘Step Into’ programmes are our way of helping local people from unemployment into the sector of their choice. We offer these programmes to help get learners into sectors like Health & Social Care, Digital, Business & Retail, Gardening & Horticulture, Teaching Assistant and Childcare

You can choose to ‘step into’ Childcare, for example - and you will learn key care skills, and do a main qualification in Childcare, but in every 'Step Into' programme we will also equip you with the wider skills that local employers say they want by training you in other areas such as:
  • Customer Service - gain a qualification to show you understand essential customer service skills. Perfect for those who will interact with customers daily, but also useful in non-customer-facing roles, as it will improve internal communication skills and provide opportunities for career advancement
  • Employability Skills - designed to prepare learners to enter the world of work. Learn skills required for the working environment, develop confidence for employment and improve communication skills and personal effectiveness
  • Volunteering - focuses on helping learners to understand the role of a volunteer, the activities of voluntary organisations, and prepare for a fulfilling role within a voluntary organisation
  • Essential Digital Skills Qualification (EDSQ) -  covers various essential digital skills, such as online communication, digital safety, and document creation 
The ‘Step Into’ courses last between 6 and 12 weeks and by the end of the programme you will not only have skills and knowledge from the sector you are interested in, but all the core skills needed to best represent your future employer. These programmes are designed to get you into work, and we have listened to local employers to help design them. 
If you would like to find out more about how we can help, please start your journey by contacting or calling our friendly team on 01274 327327.
Study Type Part Time
Venue Shipley College Online
Duration 7 Days
Level Level 1
Start Date Multiple start dates

Step into Care ...Preparing to work in Adult Social Care Level 1

In ‘Step Into Care’, Shipley College offers the Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care Level 1 course as the main qualification, alongside Employability, Customer Service, Digital Skills and Volunteering…

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Study Type Part Time
Venue Shipley College
Duration 4 Tues and Thurs
Level Everyone
Start Date 09-Apr-2024

Step into Digital introduction to the world of digital learning

Our Step Into Digital course includes a beginner's digital course and a beginner’s web design course, alongside Employability and Customer Service qualifications - ideal for those wanting to work in…

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Study Type Part Time
Venue Shipley College
Duration 10 Days
Level Level 1
Start Date 23-Apr-2024

Step into Digital ...Gateway Level 1 Award in Website Design

Shipley College offers a beginner's website design course suitable for those who want to learn the basics of website design. It is recommended that learners have some basic knowledge of computers…

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