Enrolment and Fee Information

Once you have found a course you would like to study, follow our step-by-step guide below on how to enrol.

1 – Find out if there is any funding or financial support available to help you with your course fees.

See the Fee Reduction Information on each of our courses. For courses where there is no fee reduction and no informal discussion is required, you can enrol online here.

Learner Funding Entitlement
Learner Funding Entitlement for adults aged 19+ (with the exception of traineeships for 19-24-year olds) is available for adults living in West Yorkshire postcodes including:

  • BD (with additional checks required for BD20, BD22, BD23 & BD24)
  • LS (with additional checks required for LS17, LS21-24 & LS29)
  • HX, HD, WF, OL14 and S72.
Postcode restrictions do not apply to Advanced Learning Loans. Learners may be entitled to the Learner Support Fund if the household income is less than £25,000. Talk to our enrolment team on 01274 327327 for more information.

Financial support on courses where a fee reduction is available

Financial support may be available to help you. We can offer FREE courses for students who qualify under any of the categories listed in the Fee Reduction Eligibility Table below. You can contact us or call in if you are not sure of your eligibility, and find out if support is available for your personal circumstances. You will need to provide recent (original) documents to evidence your circumstances.


Fee Reduction Category            

Evidence Required              

Aged 16-18 at 31 August 2021

 You will be required to state your age on the enrolment form.

Universal Credit

You will be required to sign a Self Decleration form and provide evidence from the Universal Credit online system of payment in the last 3 months.

Jobseekers Allowance

You will be required to sign a Self Declaration form.
Employment & Support Allowance (Work-related activity group)  You will be required to sign a Self Declaration form.
Level 2 or Level 3 Entitlement (aged 19-23 at the start of the course) If you do not already have a full Level 2 or full Level 3 qualification, you may not have to pay course fees.
Not working but claiming eligible benefits and the course would help you get a job You will be required to sign a Self Declaration form.
Employed or self-employed and earning less than £17,374.50 annually You will need to provide a recent wage slip (last 3 months) or P60 for the recent tax year (2020/21) or a current employment contract which states gross monthly/annual wages.
Pension Credits  Not eligible for a fee reduction.


Level 2 & Level 3 Entitlement

Please contact the Enrolments Office to see if you are eligible for a fee reduction under this category.

Studying for your first full Level 2 course and aged 19 - 23 at the start of the course:

If you are aged 19-23, meet the residency criteria (1b of the Enrolment Form) and do not have any of the qualifications listed below, you may be entitled to have your course fees paid for your first Level 2 course:

• GCSE/O Level (5 or more GCSEs grades A*-C (9-4)) 

• 2 or 3 AS Levels (for AS qualifications regulated before 1 September 2015)

• CSE Grade 1 (5 or more) 

• 1 A Level

• Higher 14-19 Diploma

• QCF Diploma Level 2

• QCF Certificate Level 2 at 13 or 14 credits undertaken before 2014-2015

• Level 2 Principal Learning

• NVQ Level 2

• GNVQ Intermediate

• Technical Certificates in the 16-19 Performance Tables

• QCF Certificate at Level 2 at 15 credits and above

• From 1 August 2015, Vocational qualifications of 150 GLH or more


Studying for your first full Level 3 course and aged 19 - 23 at the start of the course:

If you are aged 19 - 23, meet the residency criteria (1b of the Enrolment Form) and do not have any of the qualifications listed below, you may be entitled to have your course fees paid for your first Level 3 course:

• 2 A levels

• G/NVQ 3/Level 3 Diploma 

• BTEC National Diploma or Certificate

• 4 or more AS Levels

Studying for your first full Level 3 qualification and aged 24 and over at the start of the course

From April 2021, if you are aged 24 and over and want to achieve your first full Level 3
qualification, you will be able to access fully-funded which are equivalent to an advanced technical certificate or diploma, or 2 full A levels. See the Fee Reduction information under the courses.


The Advanced Learner Loan 

An Advanced Learner Loan may be able to help with the cost of course fees. They are for anyone aged 19 and over to help fund the tuition fees to study qualifications at Level 3 or 4. Repayments on the loan don’t start until you have completed the course and are earning more than £27,295 a year. More information can be found at www.gov.uk/advanced-learner-loan

How do I apply for an Advanced Learner Loan?

The College will provide you with a Learning and Funding information letter. You will need this letter to make a loan application by visiting the Government Advanced Learner Loan website to either apply online or download and post an application form.

For more information, see Support for Part-time Students


2 – Enrol on a course

You will need to complete an enrolment form or enrol online for courses where no fee reduction is available. You can:

  • Enrol online - All part time courses are available for online enrolment, however please note that some courses require informal discussions prior to enrolment so you may need to register your interest first either online or over the phone. All courses without fee reductions available can be enrolled on immediately, but for courses with fee reductions available, we may need to receive the relevant evidence before your enrolment can be processed.
  • Students are welcome to come into College to enrol, however this must be done by appointment, to book an appointment please call 01274 327327. Please ensure that you bring photo ID and any relevant fee waiver evidence.
  • Email us at enrolments@shipley.ac.uk to have an enrolment form emailed or posted to you.

If you are unable to enrol online, the Enrolments Office is open by appointment only. Please contact Enrolments on 01274 327327 to book. The Enrolments Office is located in the Salt Building, Victoria Road, Saltaire, BD18 3LQ.

Learner identification check at enrolment

All learners will be required to provide ID evidence if enrolling with Shipley College for the first time. To enrol, the learner will be required to provide one of the following:

• Valid Passport 

• Bank Debit/Credit Card

• National Insurance Number (letter from DWP or NI Card)

• Results slips or certificates of previous qualifications

• Valid UK Driving Licence

If the learner has not lived in the UK/EU for three years or more prior to the start of the course, he/she will need to provide one of the following to confirm his/her settlement status and also complete an eligibility form.

• Non EU/UK passport

 • Home Office letter confirming visa status 

 • Valid UK residence ID card


Enrolments Office Opening Hours

To see the Enrolments Office opening hours, please see our Contact Us page.

Please be aware that the College has Quality Improvement (QI) days where staff will be involved in training, therefore, our Enrolments Office may be closed for part of these days. For up-to-date listings of our term dates and QI Days, please see our Term Dates.

3 – Pay your course fees

How to pay course fees

Unless otherwise stated, all fees are usually paid when you enrol and before attendance at the
first class. The fees include course fees and, where relevant, registration fees, an exam and/or a
certification fee. On some courses there are fee reductions available, these are marked throughout the course guide using the Fee Reduction Key and the website under the Fee Reduction heading on our courses.

There may be additional examination, registration or certification fees as indicated in course details which students are responsible for paying directly to the College’s Examination Office. Please note, the College may withhold certificates until full payments relating to the course and examinations have been paid.

Payment methods

Course fees over £150 can be paid in instalments. If paying in instalments they are usually divided in to three payments, with the first instalment due at enrolment, and the two subsequent payments by standing order as stated on your signed instalment form.

Our preferred payment option is cashless. Other options include:

• If relevant, a company email or a letter from your employer on headed paper stating they will pay your fees in full, if this applies to you.

• Confirmation letter for Advanced Learner Loan for Level 3 or Level 4 courses.

Sorry, we are no longer able to accept cheques.

The College’s policy is not to waive course fees, except in exceptional circumstances, when a student withdraws after the start of their course.

Class cancellation & refund policy

Prior to the start of a course, the College will consider an application for the refund of fees. The College will refund fees if the course fails to start or if it is cancelled by the College within 3 weeks of the start date due to low enrolments. Once the course has started, refunds are not available in any other circumstances.

If a class is cancelled for reasons beyond the College’s control, such as bad weather, the College will attempt to give as much warning as possible. While every attempt will be made to replace a cancelled class, we regret that the College cannot guarantee to do so. Where it proves impossible to do so, the College will not make a refund.


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